Learning to Fly

But I'm yet to take off

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long time no see

And it has been.
I have entered what is known as.......(lovingly, of course)........HELL WEEK.
Yeah, I said it.
HELL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those ones were there for added effect.

Yes, my friends (I dont have any here but onwards anyways!), Hell Week, other wise known as Finals Weeks.
The joys.
The Happiness.
The endless bounds of sleeping that ensue.

I am learning my chemistry AS WE SPEAK.
No worries though, it is doable.....if I were ASIAN. Since, unfortunately, I am not, I must suffer with the White Man's Burden of stupidity.
Woe is me.
Or I could have learned this during the year. That would have solved my problem swimmingly.
Speaking of which, that is how my math final went today. Yippie! Of course.

Anyways, I thought I would pop in and say hello, because I have been missing for a while and have not even updated my Todd story. which is getting out of hand for me.
Disorganized fool that I am.
Well I am off to learn stoichiometry. Which is of course, my favorite.....

A tout a l'heure

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Sorry, I don't understand..hahaah.
Did you mean to post this to someone else's LJ page?

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